Rifugio Pordenone There are 6 tours.

The Pordenone refuge is located at 1,249 m at the confluence of the Montanaia valley and the Meluzzo valley on the wooded promontory on the slopes of the Meluzzo peak, in the Spalti di Toro-Monfalconi group.

Nothing could be more beautiful after a nice excursion in a fantastic environment than a good rich and abundant dish combined with a good glass! The cuisine and passion of Marika and her helpers are able to satisfy your cravings with sympathy and rich taste.

The Rifugio Pordenone has a total of almost 60 beds available for its customers, to which are added the tree houses.
There are 5 rooms with 4 bunk beds and sink and 3 rooms with two bunk beds and sink, plus two 10 and 20 bunk bed dorms for larger groups or to be in the company of friends and family in a unique environment.
The tree houses have 4 beds with mattresses on the floor, blankets and pillows.

Val Montanaia Tour

The hike to the Campanile di Val Montanaia can be tough for those who have no experience, but the view from the glacial circus at the top will repay all the fatigue. If you are not trained, let me...

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