How to reach the Dolomite mountains


From Venice: From Venice Airport you can take a bus that will take you directly to the main towns in the Dolomites, and where, if you need, you can catch another bus and reach the town you choose for your stay in just a short ride - see winter 2017 timetable - visit bus website
From Treviso: From Treviso's Airport you will have to catch a local bus to reach Emisfero Shopping Mall, and then catch the same bus that pass by Venice's Airport
From Verona: From Verona's airport you will have to take a local bus to the city center, and then catch the same bus that pass by Venice's Airport
From Milan: From Malpensa Airport (parking at Malpensa) you can catch a train to Lampugnano Station, where you can catch the same bus that pass by Venice's Airport - From Linate Airport you will have to change two times (take a bus, then a train) to arrive at Lampugnano Station - From Bergamo Airport you can catch directly the same bus that pass by Venice's Airport

Train stations

From Venice: From Venice Train Station (Santa Lucia or Mestre) you can catch a train to Belluno, and then catch another train to Longarone and Calalzo, or use the local transport to reach every local town
From Treviso: Same trains that start from Venice

Local transport

Buses: there are a lot of buses you can catch, every town in connected with the others, just watch the timetables, and be sure you are looking at the right one (timetables change depending on the season!)
Taxi: there are also different taxi service that can take you around the Dolomites or from/to the airports and train stations.
When to visit the Dolomite mountains

High seasons

The high seasons in Dolomites are from December to March and from July to September, during these periods are organized most of the events, and all the facilities are open.
Pro: there are more open facilities, more events, more things to do
Cons: there are also a lot of people, you may have to stand in queues for some services, places are often crowded

Low seasons

The low seasons in Dolomites are from October to November and from April to June, during these periods you can enjoy the quiet nature of the Dolomites, and really relax.
Pro: no crowds, no queues, more chances to see wildlife
Cons: some facilities are closed, not many events are organized in these periods
What to see in the Dolomite mountains

With good weather

When the weather is good we really encourage you to explore the incredible beauty of Dolomites environment: go for a hike, climb a dolomite peak, explore the canyons, go cycling around the valleys, try to encounter local wildlife, discover local history on your feet!

With bad weather

When the weather is bad you still have a lot of options:
- first: if it's not so bad you can still go for a hike (mountain guide's instructors use to say: "there is no such thing as bad weather, there are only bad clothes"!)
- you can visit one of the many museums located around the valleys
- if you like shopping you will surely find good places to buy gifts and souvenirs
- in the bigger towns you will find good SPA and wellness centers
Where to stay in the Dolomite mountains

If you like comfort

You can choose among a really wide range of prices and different types of accomodation for your stay in the Dolomites. There are a lot of appartments you can rent even for short periods, you can book a room in a b&b, or you can stay in a Hotel from one to five stars: you only have to choose what suits your needs.

If you are looking for an adventure

If you are looking for more adventurous stuff, the hut-to-hut solution is the best solution. You can choose a tour from Rifugio to Rifugio - where you will always be in the mountains but you are eating and sleeping in a managed hut - or, if you really want to see the wild side, you can choose a tour from Bivouac to Bivouac - where you will always be in the mountains, and you will have to carry your food and sleeping bag, because you will sleep in a place like these
Dolomites without a car

As you can see from the first section of this page, local transport offers different solutions. If you plan on doing different activities with us, we can pick you up directly at your hotel in the morning and take you back there when we finish in the afternoon, and surely, if you are planning a hut-to-hut tour the car won't be an option anyway!

Dolomites with kids

If you choose to come visit the Dolomites with us there are a lot of activities that you can do with your kids! But if you want to have a little time for you parents alone, we can take you hiking while the kids go canyoning with another guide, or whichever combination you like most. We have thought about a lot of activities that are great for the whole family, and we have some specific programs for children and for teen-agers. Just contact us and we will find the best combination for you and your family!

Dolomites with pets

Most of the Hotels and public places in the Dolomites are now ok with dogs, and bringing it with you on your holiday won't be a problem, but our advice is to ask your hotel directy prior to your departure.
If you want to bring a cat with you, we suggest you to rent an appartment, and to ask to the owner if cats are permitted.

First World War in the Dolomite mountains

Small Dolomites

If you are passionate about WW1, or if you want to know more about the history of the soldiers that faught that war up in the mountains, I really suggest you choose a tour in the Small Dolomites, where evidences of war are literally everywhere: Mt. Pasubio in particular, but Asiago plateau, Mt. Novegno, and all the sorroundings will be a good choice as well.

Northern Dolomites

In the Northerns side of Dolomites you will also find testimonies of the war, as there the first line was up at 3000mt of altitude: tours around Marmolada, Tofane, Lagazuoi, Cinque Torri and Tre Cime di Lavaredo will offer a great view on these particular sites.
Dolomites weather forecast

Here you can read a good weather forecast for the Dolomites area, made by the Public Regional Agency for Environment Protection. Don't trust websites that give long term forecasts, they usually publish rubbish!

Wi-fi and telephone connections

In some mountain huts wifi is available, but along the trails the only internet access is via telephone line. In some areas of the Dolomites the phone coverage is completely absent.