Maidenstears and walnut cream (Silene vulgaris)

Maidenstears and walnut cream (Silene vulgaris)

Maidenstears are a spring classic for those who love foraging, here is my interpretation of them in a pasta dish!


- silene vulgaris

- walnuts

- soy milk

- extra virgin olive oil

- salt


Separate the leaves, wash them thoroughly under running water, dry them and put them in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

While the leaves wilt in the pan, open a handful of walnuts and crush them in the mortar.

Continue to pound until a coarse cream is obtained.

Add the walnut cream to the pan, along with a glass of soy milk.

The walnut cream will dissolve in the milk, let it shrink a little until it is creamy and add salt.

Good on pasta and croutons!

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