Vitalba sprouts in oil

Vitalba sprouts in oil

Clematis vitalba is a toxic plant (it is a ranuncolacea and contains saponins and alkaloids), but its shoots if collected very young (when the toxic substances are present in minimal quantities) are edible.

In my town, next to the ruins and in the abandoned rural areas, vitalba is very abundant, and it is therefore easy to collect fair quantities of sprouts.


- young shoots of vitalba

- apple cider vinegar

- White wine

- water

- coarse salt

- extra virgin olive oil


Once the sprouts have been collected and washed carefully, I cook them briefly in a solution of 1 part of vinegar, one part of wine and two parts of water with a handful of coarse salt.

During cooking the sprouts will change color and the cooking water will become reddish.

I let them simmer for a few minutes, until they are very soft.

Once the heat is out, carefully drain the sprouts from the cooking liquid.

Proceed with potting, in sterilized glass jars, and cover with extra virgin olive oil.

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