Spreadable cream of dandelion flowers

Spreadable cream of dandelion flowers

The meadows around the house are often full of these flowers, being the dandelion a very undemanding and ubiquitous plant!

All parts of the plant can be used in the kitchen: the taproots are excellent in oil, but they can also be dried and roasted to obtain a coffee substitute, the leaves lend themselves to different preparations, with the buds I produce a substitute for capers, and with flowers I usually made a "vegan honey" with sugar.

I wanted to try a savory preparation with flowers, and here is the spreadable cream ...

The flowers should never be washed, therefore, in addition to collecting them in places as far as possible from sources of pollution, before using them shake them well to clean them of impurities.


Once I collected the flowers and cleaned them, I put them in a solution in equal parts of water, white wine and apple vinegar with a little coarse salt.

After a few minutes, when they softened well, I drained them very well and passed them in the mincer with extra virgin olive oil.

Seasoned with salt, here is the spreadable cream!

I eat it on bread:

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