Mentha spicata syrup (Moroccan mint)

Mentha spicata syrup (Moroccan mint)


1lt of water

1kg of sugar (I used brown sugar)

150 / 200gr of mint leaves


I have a nice bush of Mentha spicata in the garden, and when I don't use it for the famous Moroccan tea, I use it to prepare a syrup.

Wash the mint under running water, and dry it well.

Separate the leaves and discard the stems.

In a large pot, put 1 liter of water and 1kg of sugar.

Finely chop the leaves in a mincer.

Add the chopped leaves to the water with the sugar and put on the fire until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Once the sugar has dissolved, cover and leave to infuse 24h.

After the rest time, you can filter and bottle.

Mine is particularly dark because I used brown sugar, if you use refined sugar the syrup will be much lighter.

In addition to diluting it in water, you can taste it adding a few drops to a fine prosecco glass, or serve it with rum, water and ice (to have with dark chocolate!)

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