Who are the Mountain and Hiking Guides in Italy?

Mountain tourism in Italy is governed by Law 6 of 1989, which is based on the figures of the Guida Alpina (mountain guide) and the Accompagnatore di Media Montagna (hiking guide).
While the Mountain Guide deals with all mountain outdoor activities (via ferrata, climbing, canyoning, iceclimbing, skiing ...), the Hiking Guide is a specialist in hiking and environmental education.
These are the only two qualified professionals in Italy to accompany in mountain excursions, and only the Alpine guides can accompany you in the most challenging activities.

How do I recognize a professional?

Both the alpine guides and the hiking guides are part of a professional order and are therefore endowed with a recognition card.
As professionals enrolled in the board, they are also obliged to show recognition symbols on their clothes. You can see Veneto's guides recognition symbols on the home page of the Veneto's Mountain Guides Association website (the three shields).

How to report an unauthorized guide

If you are dealing with an unlawful guide, a guide without professional title, or if you want to report the incorrect behavior of a guide, you can do so by contacting the professional order directly

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